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Frequently Asked Questions


help - it won't coagulate!

Ahh, no coagulation is a frustrating phenomenon. I have a couple of suggestions for you: - when you soak your soy beans overnight, don’t throw away the water - use this same water to boil the beans & make the milk, as it plays a crucial part in the curdling process - increase the amount of lemon juice, and/or use a fresh lemon. If you’re still struggling to get coagulation you can add a dash of vinegar. - make sure the milk is still hot-warm when you add your coagulant.

Hummous with Pita Bread

leftover okara - what can i do with it?

What a great question. Okara is such a nutritious and tasty side product from tofu making that it definitely shouldn't be chucked away! 

You can make: protein bread, hummus, crackers, okara cake, falafel and more! The internet is your best resource for searching for recipes, but we will soon have some more recipes here at so keep checking back! 

use this one compressed.png

i'm struggling to assemble my zofu! 

The zofu is easily assembled and taken apart, but if you're having trouble, watch our YouTube video here

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