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make your own homemade tofu


zofu: your bamboo tofu box, complete with unbleached muslin cloth & instructions.


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sometimes it's hard to combine sustainable food choices with a zero-waste lifestyle.

enter zofu!

finally a way to eat fresh, flavoursome tofu without the throwaway plastic packaging, made authentically and exactly to your taste.

make your own or press store-bought tofu

choose between silky or firm tofu depending on the dishes you are making.  depending on your choice, the zofu can be a tofu mold or a tofu press: create a firm, meaty texture – perfect for curries and stir-fries.  follow our easy instructions.

100% sustainable bamboo

bamboo is the fastest growing wood, saving longer-growing trees from being cut down unnecessarily.  the zofu tofu maker is a beautiful wooden press that adds the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen display.  each zofu is stamped by hand.

strong & durable

your zofu. is made from reinforced and layered bamboo, which provides strength and durability.  the easy-to-assemble design contains no nails or screws that rust – just bamboo, in the traditional Asian style.  it's easy to wash with warm soapy water, and can be dismantled for easy storage (but we prefer to keep ours on show!)

cost effective

make a large block of tofu from just 200 grams of dried soy beans, which works out as a fraction of the price compared to buying it ready made.  not only is it more economical, but you can do away with unnatural preservatives and rest assured you're eating clean, healthy ingredients.  the perfect plantbased kitchen accessory for health-conscious individuals!

environmentally conscious

say goodbye to single-use plastic.  with our zofu tofu mold, you can wave goodbye plastic cartons.  we deliver our zofu boxes in zero-plastic packaging, so you can start your homemade tofu journey with a clear conscience.  learn more about the environmental advantages of tofu here.

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zofu: the mission

us zofu. peeps are committed to our pledge to eco-friendly living.  that goes for our business and our personal lives!  we just can't stand single-use plastic.

since 2017 our small UK-based company has worked tirelessly to produce products with as little negative impact on the planet as possible.

enter the zofu:  finally a way to eat tasty tofu without the throwaway packaging.

we also bring to you this site, where we present free information, resources and recipes for you earth-conscious lovelies to enjoy at your leisure.  peruse at your amusement! thanks for your visit.

lucy & co

the zofu. team

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who knew you could make tofu with just soybeans, lemon juice and water?

what do you think?

Amazon Customer,

February 2021

I spent a lot of time looking for a tofu press and wanted a wooden one rather than plastic as I was scared incase they'd break and I wanted something more eco friendly. I came across this product whilst scouring the Internet and was hesitant as there was only a few reviews. However I bit the bullet and went for it and it doesn't dissapoint. The product itself is solid but is easily collapsible for easy storage. I also enjoyed the instruction leaflet that was included as it has more information than what expected. Good quality product and would highly recommend.

I bought the tofu box for my 17 year old granddaughter who loves to be creative with vegan food. It is a great success for the whole family. She makes things with the soy bean liquid too, like granola and biscuits. Amazing! A full cupboard of goodies for 500g of beans. Great product.

Used this to make tofu for the first time, and will definitely do it again. The press is well made and well designed, collapsible if space is an issue and comes with a helpful book to get started. Definitely worth the money.

Amazon Customer,

May 2021

Amazon Customer,

January 2021

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